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Anonymous said: I've had a bad relationship months ago and ever since then I've had my guard up when it comes to guys. Whenever I come close to a guy, I just shut them down no matter how much I like them. Recently, I've began falling for a guy and I really like him, but I don't want my wall to ruin anything. What should I do?

I actually just got out of a reallllly bad relationship & today I realized I need to let go of it bc no guy is worth your tears & the one that is worth your tears won’t make you cry. 

If you think he’s really worth it & he’s a genuinely good guy then I say try your hardest to let him in, but just be very cautious. Don’t let him walk all over you & if he ends up not being who you thought he was.. Leave that second, don’t put yourself in a bad position. Think with your head & your heart <3

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Anonymous said: hey, so i need your advice. soo recently my best friend started going out with my ex-boyfriend & it was the hardest thing i had to deal with. like she knew it hurt me but she did it anyway & i just think its really fucked up. so like i just let her do whatever she wanted but i told her to like split her time evenly between hanging out with us, because i dont like hanging out with him at all. so she did that for like a while & now she dosent even talk to me anymore. like i lost my bestfriend because of this fuckin guy. like she hangs out with him every single day for like the whole day & never has time for anyone else. & like all my other friends thought it was fucked up at first but now there just like over it but im not. like she always has an attitude whenever im around her too. & recently me & her and like a bunch of our other girlfriends had a sleepover & she started argueing with me & she was like if you dont be quiet then your gonna have to leave, like that was soo rude! & today there all hanging out together & they never invite me! like i just feel left out! & i didnt do anything ot anyone & they all treat me like shit! pleaseee heeelpp!! :(( in desperate need of a friend <3

Awe, to start off I’m really sorry this is happening .. I can’t even imagine how tough of a situation that must be for you ): 

If this girl that was supposed to be your ‘best friend’ is not only ditching you for her new boyfriend, but she’s also ditching you for YOUR ex boyfriend, that is not okay. There’s this things called a girl code & that’s one thing that’s apart of it - Don’t date your best friends ex boyfriend, especially since you & him are no where near good terms. I can understand if y’all were at least friends. But, I take it there is still some hostility between you both & she’s only making it worse. 

If she is choosing your ex over you, she’s not a true BFF to begin with & I know you might feel left out, but try to take this situation to make new friends .. Ones that will actually respect you & your feelings. Girls that will actually have your back & be there for you in a time of need. Who knows, things might actually turn out a million times better than they were before.

& always remember, even if this is just over Tumblr, I’m always here to listen & I’ll be here if you ever need to talk. If I don’t reply fast enough on here, leave me a message on my personal blog reminding me to check this one & I’ll get on here as fast as possible. 

I hope this helped! <3 Xoxoxo.

Anonymous said: I'm addicted to tumblr. What should I do?

You should do nothing & continue being addicted ;)

Anonymous said: nothing yet ? :(

nooo, try & put it in my ask on my personal blog & i’ll answer it thereee :)

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